Law Firms

Our Law firm experience includes building out both occupied and non occupied law firms. Highlights of these spaces included interconnecting stairs, electrified glass, white noise sound masking, built in secretarial stations, boardrooms and high-density filing systems.


Our financial experience includes building out many private equity firms. Highlights of these spaces included wood paneled office fronts, living walls, boardrooms, fabric paneling, stone & extremely detailed reception areas. 

Entertainment & Media

Our Entertainment and Media experience includes many creative spaces. Highlights of these spaces included sound rooms, theaters, recording studios, interconnecting stairs, multimedia, specialty lighting, green walls and custom furniture.


Our Healthcare experience includes building surgical centers, clinics and OSHPD 3 facilities. Highlights of these spaces included x-ray rooms with radiant shielding, exam rooms, nurse stations, medical gases, surgical lights & emergency power.


Our Restaurant experience includes spaces on the ground floor of Class A high rise buildings as well as event catering kitchens on upper floors. Highlights of these spaces included installation of pollution control units in rated enclosures,  grease interceptors, hoods, Ansul systems, gas and wood burning ovens, bars & wine cellers. Our Team at OMC has also has extensive experience working with the LA County Health Department.

Base Building Infrastructure Upgrades

Our MEP Base building Infrastructure upgrade experience includes,  successfully replacing 20" condenser water supply & return piping in an occupied Class A high rise,  as well as replacing multiple FDC's  (fire department connections).  Our Structural experience includes, brick pointing, shear walls, structural steel upgrades, moment frames, and truss reinforcement.

Adaptive Reuse

Our Adaptive reuse experience includes converting a late 1800's flour mill into a contemporary art gallery. Some of the features of these spaces included structural steel upgrades, exposed trusses, concrete floors, steel stairs, sandblasted wood and steel, matching original details, elevator lift, steel window frames, skylights, fire sprinkler upgrades and all new mechanical systems including humidity control. 

The difference between mediocrity and excellence is attention to details