Safety Overview

Safety is our number one priority on any project. Through the use of latest technologies, employee training and implementation of enforceable standards for employees and subcontractors, we have created the OMC Safety Program. 



At OMC, our superintendents must receive an OSHA 10-hour training and be qualified in CPR and first aid prior to running one of our projects. Rather than simply focusing on meeting OSHA Standards, OMC's third party safety consultant tours our projects to help identify and correct potential hazards before they result in damage to property or personal injury. Training is provided both onsite and offsite by our OSHA Consultants.  Subcontractors who work on our projects are also required to attend weekly tailgate safety training meetings,  and perform internal inspections of tools, equipment and personal protective gear at the start of each work day.

Personal Protective Gear

Every OMC Project has a strict personal protective gear requirement. Hard hats, safety glasses and safety shoes are required at all times. We take the message of "Safety First" to every OMC project. Additionally , every OMC Project is equipped with a First Aid kit and a map to the nearest hospital. At OMC we will never compromise safety for time or money.


Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident